About us

The Masuria is still unexplored land, which can show you something new in several time. Lots of lakes and forests draw sailors here. We tender yacht charter for everyone. You can charter our motor yacht, which you can steer without a licence. We charter Houseboat yacht, Nautiner 38 Classic, it is the boat which combine comfort and style. Specious Yacht can give you unforgettable rest for you and your familly.

If the beauty of Masuria captived you and you would like to spend your holiday in here, mazury-czarter is a good choice. Leap at the chance and charter luxury houseboat. Our team will help you in every step of reservasion and holiday.

Nautiner 38 Classic is the specious and static motor yacht. Three lockup cabins, one on the prow, and two on the stern is the guarantee of comfort for eight people. Belowdeck is the mess which can be a wonderfull place when you can’t stand the heat. In the mess you can find whole kitchen equipment and TV. Ablutions on the boat – that’s what make the different between our Houseboat and the other motor yachts. You have got a possibility to warm up whole boat, so that’s why you can charter our Houseboat from the early spring to the late autumn. On the prow is a place for tanning and on the other side of boat is a landing which can help you swimming on the lake.
Comfort and safety

Comfort and safety

Houseboat contains everything to make your rest and holiday comfortable for 8 person, with maximum  safe on lakes. We respect your rest, safe and offer you great option to yacht charter! The motor boat contains 3 locked cabins with 1 open space. Nautiner is the best motor boat for rent in Masuria.

Charter without licence

Charter without licence

It’s not neccesary to have sailing licence. The boat is easy to use so it can makes your rest nicer. Charter luxury houseboat, yacht without licence.

New option – One Way charter

New option – One Way charter

You can end Or begin your charter flight  In every port of Great Lakes.


We are a familly company on Masuria. We live In Węgorzewo, beutifull, small city chich is our place of birth. Yacht sailing and motor yachting is our hobby, so that is why you can embrace in our experience. Yacht charter without a licence make you go on a cruise. Our motor yacht is moor in ZHP ‘’Mamry’’ port in Węgorzewo.

Mazury-Czarter Team !

Jan Skrypoczko Captain, owner F.H.U mazury-czarter

He cares of the Nautiner 38 classic. Before every cruise he will explain you how to use the boat properly. He explains everything in a very easy way, so you don’t have to care about it. He’s responsibility of technical side of the boat.

Weronika Skrypoczko Sailor

She is keen on sailing. She cares about blog and social media. She is responsibility of contact witch foreign customers.